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for those who don't know, I have a tumblr which I'm usually more active on :)…

are we excited?
I'm so excited I can't even begin to explain the extent of my excitement.
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It seems from all my fishtails and ballgowns I've forgotten how to draw men, legs and feet. So I'm on the search for decent reference and figure drawing books. Know any good ones? I'm looking at Burne Hogarth's 'Dynmaic Figure Drawing' and 'Drawing Dynamic Hands' at the moment (fantastic btw, if you get the chance to buy either, do it) but if anyone knows of any others, I'd love to look at them.
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She looking amazing!

Look out Ariel ;)
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Earlier this afternoon, I handed in every piece of coursework I've done this year to be marked. No more college work until September. Hell. Yes.

After months and months of tedious design ideas, sampling, idea process and final pieces you'd think I'd be sick to my stomach of drawing.

So, naturally, here I am having a good doodle in Photoshop.
I have a ton of stuff I want to do now I have time to :D
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How are you all doin? Good? I hope your good.

I'm currently enjoying my easter break by doing nothing but paintin and drawrin. I do like some drawrin. So expect to see some new stuff in the next few weeks:D

ALSO just to remind you, I post a fair bit on tumblr, nothing special, just doodles and WIP usually, all my 'proper' stuff still gets posted on here:) check it.
Yep, it's got me. I feel so uninspired to draw it's unreal.
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I have one, follow me if you wish :)
Painted by me? I have a couple of things that are in process mode right now but after I'm finished with those, what should i do? Ideas anyone? Requests? Painted or flat colour?
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Today is my birthday :D
Love it.
Its that time of year and I'm stuck for ideas.
So let me steal yours ;)
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I'm looking forward to it :D:D:D
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Any Walt Disney characters you fancy seeing from me? Preferably ones that aren't already in my gallery (of course I'd never turn down Ariel :P)
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Help a poor artist?

£5 for a colored character bust eg…

£10 for a flat colored full character eg…

£15 for a full colored character, no detailed background eg…

£20-£25 for a full colored character and background eg…

If anyone is interested or has any questions please let me know via a note:)
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So, I finally got to see it!

After months of waiting The Princess and the Frog opened here in the UK. It was bloody amazing.

Seriously, totally worth all the build up. The animation was pure artistry. The characters had such charm and warmth to them, everyone was perfect, Charlotte especially shone out, so amusing, though there wasn't enough Mama Odie for my tastes. The story was fantastic. The ending really surprised me, pretty much broke my heart. UGH I really don't know what to say, I thought I'd have millions of things to comment on when I saw it, but I'm thoroughly awestruck.

All I can really say is, Disney, you've done it again!
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New account and a fresh start(well, kind of:))

My old account was really, well, draining in all honestly, I wasn't fond of it. So I decided to continue my work under my actual name, which is refreshing, user-names are hard things to come up with. Don't worry, I'll be bringing a few of my favorite pictures from my old account, because I can't part with a couple of them.

So! Whats in the works art-wise? Well, some watercolour pictures that I have planned out as well as 8 digital pieces that I plan on finishing before Christmas, but heres what will be coming up soon fanart-wise:
The Little Mermaid
Alice in Wonderland
The Princess and the Frog.

Along with fan-art, I have a couple of personal pieces which I'll get cracking on, though with college work mounting up, it could take a bit of time, but they will come.
Well, I best get cracking on making a new ID and putting a couple of my old pictures up.
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